A Year in Review: 2023

A Year in Review: 2023
A Year in Review: 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s impossible not to marvel at the remarkable journey that has unfolded for Injective throughout the past year. Injective continued to surge ahead faster than ever before, marking yet another year of extraordinary achievements. 

From groundbreaking technological milestones, to the rapidly growing ecosystem, and the vibrant ninja community, 2023 is a year that will forever be remembered in the neverending epic story of Injective. 

Key Milestones in 2023

There were many significant achievements across Injective, the Injective ecosystem, and the larger community.

2023 saw the launch of both Injective’s inEVM and inSVM rollup environments, which would forever redefine the industry as a whole. Injective is now the only chain to support WASM, EVM and SVM development environments. The launch of a multi-VM developer environment showcased Injective's dedication to expanding its network's capabilities while simultaneously increasing its compatibility across Ethereum, Cosmos and Solana. 

These advancements have been instrumental in unifying diverse blockchain environments into one chain, allowing developers to deploy their smart contracts on Injective, significantly boosting the potential for a wider range of financial applications. As a result, Injective has attracted a varied group of developers and users, reinforcing its position as a leader in blockchain innovation.

Amidst a wave of new developments, Google Cloud recognized Injective’s immense momentum and facilitated the integration of Injective's blockchain data via Injective Nexus. This provides unique access to specialized datasets on the network for both developers and enterprises, including essential data for building various applications, such as DeFi platforms, AI models and advanced trading strategies. 

Google Cloud's BigQuery datasets are typically limited to leading blockchains, with networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum being some of the select few. Injective is now part of this elite group, offering expanded opportunities for data utilization and application development on the fastest L1 built for finance.

Within the Injective ecosystem, it was an extremely successful year for all dApps. Injective saw growth across all realms of Web3 finance including DeFi, NFT Fi, RWAs, Game Fi and more. A few highlights include Helix, Mito and Talis Protocol. Helix introduced the innovative Pre-Launch Futures, which focuses on tokens not yet listed on public exchanges, democratizing access to pre-launch assets. Mito was officially unveiled and launched on the Injective testnet. Its automated vaults and launchpad product became available to whitelisted users, with Launchpad voting just going into effect this last week of the year. Finally, Talis Protocol, the leading NFT marketplace on Injective, achieved a major milestone by launching on mainnet, seeing over 265,000 NFTs created and becoming one of the leading NFT protocols in all of crypto.

Institutional and enterprise adoption for Injective continued to grow as well. For instance, Injective became one of the only chains to support Ondo’s tokenized treasuries, enabling eligible users to access TradFi yield opportunities entirely on-chain. Major traditional finance institutions joined efforts such as Helix Institutional, further enhancing the shared liquidity environment across the Injective ecosystem.

With all these new developments, it only became natural to see a significant increase in the total number of users and active wallet addresses on Injective. Active wallet addresses skyrocketed from 14,000 to over 290,000. Additionally, the total number of transactions surged, reaching over 390,000,000 up from 140,000,000 at the end of 2022. Now, over 47 million INJ tokens are staked, making Injective one of the largest L1 networks ever created.

These developments not only showcase Injective's significant growth in terms of numbers, but also emphasize the deepening trust and engagement within the community. With the newly launched Ninja Ambassador program, the community has been more active than ever, with over 200,000 Ninjas joining to share in Injective’s mission to reshape the financial industry. 

Looking Ahead

As Injective moves into 2024, reflecting on the remarkable journey and achievements of the past year is essential. The progress made is not only a testament to how far Injective has advanced, but also a milestone of the vast possibilities that lie ahead. The gratitude extends to everyone who has been part of the Injective ecosystem during this period of significant growth. 

As we stand at the threshold of 2024, prepare for an even more exhilarating journey ahead.  Injective is just getting started, and the upcoming year promises to bring the entire ecosystem to new heights of growth and adoption in the realm of Web3 finance.

Injective 2023 Milestones

Although the following highlights do not capture the entirety of Injective's remarkable accomplishments, they represent some of the key achievements made by the Injective community in 2023.

For a comprehensive overview of all projects and partners within the ecosystem, please visit the official Injective Ecosystem Page and the Injective Blog.


Ecosystem | Astroport Beta Launched on Injective

Ecosystem | Injective Introduced the $150M Injective Ecosystem Group

Ecosystem | Injective Global Virtual Hackathon Launched with $1M Prizes and Funding 


Integrations | Injective Integrated Solana Assets to Introduce a New Era of Composability

Community | The Ninja Masters Ambassador Program Launched


Integrations | Babylon Testnet Integrated Injective, Bringing Bitcoin Security to The Ecosystem

Integrations | Injective Integrated Pyth to Launch Institutional Grade Testnet Markets

Integrations | Cascade Launched: First Ever Interchain Solana SVM Rollup

Ecosystem | Astroport Mainnet Launched on Injective

Ecosystem | Galaxy Joins Injective as a Validator


Integrations | Injective Released Liquid Staking with Stride

Integrations | Notifi Integrated Injective to Bring User Notifications to Web3 Finance

Integrations | Transak Integrated Injective to Expand Global Access for INJ

Integrations | Celer Integrated Injective to Enable Novel Cross-Chain Asset Transfers

Integrations | Injective Integrated Astar Network and Polkadot Assets to Expand IBC Interoperability

Ecosystem | Tencent Cloud and Injective Joined Forces to Support Builders in Injective Ecosystem

Ecosystem | Apollo Safe Deployed the First MultiSig Protocol on Injective


Integrations | Pyth Mainnet Launched on Injective

Integrations | Hummingbot Launched Historic On-Chain Integration with Injective

Integrations | Injective Integrated Polygon to Accelerate Cross-Chain Composability

Ecosystem | First Injective Hackathon Concluded with Resounding Success


Integrations | Open Liquidity Program (OLP) Launched

Ecosystem | Nois Launched on Injective to Expand Fair Cryptographic Systems

Ecosystem | Talis Protocol, the leading NFT Marketplace on Injective launched on Mainnet 

Ecosystem | Helix Crossed $10 Billion Volume Milestone 


Integrations | Injective Teamed Up with Espresso Systems to Pioneer Decentralized Rollups

Integrations | Galxe Integrated Injective to Catapult Community and User Engagement

Ecosystem | Helix Launched Swap

Ecosystem | Hydro Protocol Joined Injective Ecosystem as the First LSDs on Injective


Integrations | INJ 2.0 Launched

Integrations |  Trust Wallet with 60 Million+ Users Integrated the Injective Mainnet

Integrations | Side Protocol Integrated Injective to Unlock Mesh Liquidity Networks

Ecosystem | Helix Institutional Launched


Integrations | Injective Integrated Korea’s Leading Layer 1 Klaytn to Massively Scale Cross-Chain Interoperability

Integrations | 1RPC Integrated Injective to Bring Enhanced Privacy Protection to Web3

Integrations | Injective Unveiled inEVM: A Groundbreaking Ethereum Rollup for Hyperscaling Multi VM Development

Ecosystem | Injective Launched .inj Domains, Powered By SPACE ID

Ecosystem | Black Panther Launched on Injective Mainnet 

Community | Injective’s Participation at Token2049 Singapore 


Community | Injective Collaborated with Google Cloud to Kick Off the Illuminate Hackathon 

Integrations | Injective Integrated Web3 Finance Data into Google Cloud BigQuery

Ecosystem | Helix Launched Pre-Launch Futures, listing Celestia (TIA) as its first market

Ecosystem | BitGo integrated Injective to Further Advance Institutional DeFi Adoption

Ecosystem | Injective Integrated Kava to Expand Stable Asset Interoperability

Ecosystem | Levana Protocol Launched on Injective mainnet 


Community | Injective Celebrated its 2nd Year of Mainnet Anniversary

Ecosystem | Tokenized US Treasuries from Ondo Finance Became Available on Injective Blockchain

Ecosystem | Mito Launched its Launchpad on Testnet

Ecosystem | Helix Launched LP Rewards & Helix Guilds


Learn | Injective Published Multiple Guides on how to Get Started on Injective

Ecosystem | The First Ever Mito Launchpad Vote

Ecosystem | Dojo Swap, the First Native Injective Automated Market Maker (AMM) DEX Launched on Mainnet

Ecosystem | Solana Name Service Is Integrated on Injective to Enable .sol Domains to Be Used on Injective

About Injective

Injective is a lightning fast interoperable layer one blockchain optimized for building the premier Web3 finance applications. Injective provides developers with powerful plug-and-play modules for creating unmatched dApps. INJ is the native asset that powers Injective and its rapidly growing ecosystem. Injective is incubated by Binance and is backed by prominent investors such as Jump Crypto, Pantera and Mark Cuban.

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