The November Community Update: The Injective Anniversary Issue

The November Community Update: The Injective Anniversary Issue
The November Community Update: The Injective Anniversary Issue

In November, the Injective community celebrated its second anniversary of mainnet launch. The preceding year unfolded with remarkable strides in growth, innovation, and overall progress. Injective’s flourishing ecosystem experienced expansion across all fronts, captivating developers, individual users, and institutional players alike.

Far from slowing down, Injective's trajectory is one of relentless expansion. Notably, Injective achieved the distinction of being the first Layer 1 blockchain, outside of Solana, to comprehensively support SPL assets. Additionally, the integration of Catalyst with the Injective inEVM layer marked a significant leap forward, ushering in a new era of interoperability between Injective and the zkEVM environment.

Within this dynamic ecosystem, numerous decentralized applications (dApps) continued to unveil noteworthy advancements to the community. Helix introduced LP Rewards and Helix Guilds, Ninji Wallet became available for download, Mito launched its testnet-based launchpad, Neptune achieved a milestone of over 150,000 transactions on the Injective testnet, and numerous other initiatives contributed to the vibrant landscape.

For a full recap of November, check out this highlight reel 👇

Highlighted News

Injective Mainnet Turns 2

Two years ago, on November 8th, 2021, the Injective mainnet made its debut, unveiling the fastest Layer 1 blockchain tailored for finance. In the ensuing year, Injective witnessed a staggering surge, recording over 318 million transactions, with more than 44 million INJ tokens staked and 5.7 million INJ tokens burned through the weekly burn auctions. These figures vividly mirror the dynamic vitality and enthusiasm coursing through the ecosystem and its user base.

Throughout this year, Injective has remained unwavering in its commitment to cultivating a network that propels growth and sparks innovation for developers, individual users, and institutional entities. Notably, it has taken significant strides in narrowing the gap between Web3 and traditional finance.

From its inception, Injective's mission has remained steadfast: to stand as the premier blockchain crafted specifically for financial applications. As Injective celebrates its second anniversary, the discernible progress made underscores the significant headway toward realizing this overarching objective.

Helix Launches LP Rewards & Helix Guilds

Helix recently unveiled two groundbreaking products that solidified its position as a pioneer in the industry. The first of these innovations is LP Rewards, a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering traders and liquidity providers while bolstering liquidity in specific markets. Helix initiated this groundbreaking move by introducing TIA/USDT and WHALE/USDT for LP Rewards through spot grid trading.

The second noteworthy offering is Helix Guilds, which elevates the trading experience by allowing traders to engage in competitions as a cohesive group, ushering in a new era of social interaction within the trading sphere. Traders have the option to assume the role of a Guild Master or join as a Guild Member, contributing, competing, and collectively enjoying the rewards of 10,000 TIA & 1,000 INJ for their achievements.

In November, Helix also expanded its portfolio by introducing a diverse array of markets. Notable additions include Kava (KAVA) and USDTkv markets, the innovative Pyth Network (PYTH) Pre-Launch Futures, Ondo US Dollar Yield (USDY) spot market, and the White Whale (WHALE) spot market.

Following the spot listing of White Whale (WHALE), the team is generously sponsoring 500,000 WHALE for Helix traders worldwide. Users are invited to participate in the trading competition and LP Rewards, offering an opportunity to win exclusive rewards while engaging in trading activities on the Helix platform.

To use LP Rewards and earn incentives, click here. To get started on Helix Guilds, click here

Highlighted Chain News

Injective Integrated SPL Tokens

Injective has officially integrated SPL (Solana Program Library) tokens. This integration allows assets from Solana, such as PYTH, to seamlessly be accessed via the Injective Hub and Bridge. 

To learn more about how to bridge Solana assets to Injective by Leap Wallet, check here.

Tokenized US Treasuries from Ondo Finance Now Available on Injective Blockchain

For the first time ever, users on Injective can acquire tokenized US Treasuries in the form of the USD Yield token (USDY) from Ondo Finance. This launch also marks the first USDY release on a non-EVM chain. 

To access USDY, eligible users will need to bridge the asset to Injective from Ethereum by using Injective Hub or via native dApps such as Helix.

To learn more about the launch, read more here

Full List of Injective Updates

Ecosystem Updates:


  • Black Panther, Injective’s decentralized asset management protocol, turbocharged its website with faster speed and enhanced UX. 
  • Neptune Finance, a peer-to-peer lending protocol on Injective, hit over 150K transactions on Injective testnet and were about to cross 6.5K users on the leaderboard.
  • Mito, the first automated DeFi hub built on Injective, launched its Launchpad on testnet. Anyone who completed Mito Missions can participate in new project launches and bootstrap markets in just a few clicks.  
  • Ninji Wallet, the first native Injective wallet, is available and already integrated with Injective Hub, Helix and Dagora. Download here and embark on your journey on Injective. 
  • Hydro Protocol, an Injective-native LSD Protocol, has passed the audit with SCV Security to guarantee the security of Hydro’s DeFi products. 
  • Exotic Markets, the first options infrastructure protocol on Injective, launched the leaderboard with P&L and APY ranking as a new feature on testnet. It also announced ExoNinja Pass along with the full benefits, paving the way for the upcoming launch on Injective mainnet. 
  • Gryphon, the decentralized liquid staking protocol on Injective, is launching on Injective. Check its landing page here for more information. 
  • Aeroscraper, the next generation lending protocol, launched on Injective testnet to bring a 0% interest-free loan against your holdings on a perpetual repayment schedule. 
  • NexBit, the BetFi protocol on Injective, is approaching to launch on testnet. 


  • Talis Protocol, an NFT marketplace on Injective, concluded its TALIS auction in multiple phases. The fees collected since the beginning of Talis launch on Injective will go to TALIS stakers
  • Injlending is bringing borrow and lend against your NFTs on Injective. 
  • INJ Boys’ staking game is live on Injective testnet. 


  • The Injective ecosystem is launching its Ninja Ambassador Portal in collaboration with Bonus Block. Now Injective ambassadors can track their progress and dynamically earn rewards while growing the community here.  
  • Ninja Blaze, a crypto-based gaming platform on Injective, went live with its testnet this month. More than 10,000 unique players have joined the platform, playing more than 3,000 games and placing over 170,000 positions. 
  • INJFanZone website is launched. Built by Injective ambassador Vitalii, the platform allows you to follow all NFT marketplaces, collectinons and games at one place. 

Chain Updates:

  • Catalyst has integrated the Injective inEVM layer, which enables interoperability between Scroll, Cosmos and rollups built on Injective for the first time.
  • OKX Web3 Wallet has integrated Injective to allow its users to manage their assets on the Injective chain in a simple way. 
  • Binance Wallet has integrated with Injective to allow its users to interact with native INJ and the broader Injective ecosystem with a seamless experience. 
  • Injective has integrated Kava to expand access into stable asset interoperability for tokens such as the native Kava USDt. 
  • Injective welcomes two validators, Cosmic Validator and Twinstake. Users can delegate tokens and check each validator’s status on Injective Hub
  • Truflation integrates with Injective and provides data towards RWA pricing and indexes to DEXS on Injective. The team also plans to launch the first futures community index exchange on Injective. 

Injective Stats:

  • Injective processed over 347 million on-chain transactions.
  • Injective produced over 52 million blocks on mainnet.
  • A total of 15,388 INJ was burned through weekly burn auctions in November, and a total of 5.78 million INJ has been burned to date with over 124 burns.
  • All exchange dApps built on Injective have achieved a cumulative trading volume of $14.6 billion since mainnet.
  • The total assets on Injective Chain reached over $1.32 billion.
  • The INJ staking APR on Injective is 16.41%, with over 44 million INJ staked.
  • Injective has become the fastest blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem, with 0.8s block time on mainnet and 25,000 TPS.
  • The total gas fees paid by users on Injective to date is zero.
  • Injective hit over 412K followers on Twitter and 210K members in Discord.
  • The total trading volume on exchange dApps on Injective reached $1.048B in November, with its peak daily volume on November 9th reaching $77M volume. The most liquid markets are BTC and ETH perpetuals. 
  • The markets on Injective exchange dApps performed well this month, with Bitcoin (BTC) increasing from 34,163 to 37,890, marking a 10.5% rise. Solana (SOL) also showed significant growth, rising from 35.73 to 60.25, indicating a substantial 67.1% increase.

Community Updates:

  • Injective Labs co-founders Eric Chen and Albert Chon were both featured on the latest Forbes 30 under 30 list. 
  • Eric Chen joined the first Abstract Conversations podcast hosted by Burnt and discussed Injective’s beginnings, learnings and the ecosystem’s exciting future. 
  • Injective Ambassadors in Nigeria hosted a successful regional offline meetup in Uyo, Nigeria.
  • Cooper Emmons from the Injective Labs joined the Galxe Radio Show as a special guest to tap into the potential of Injective.
  • Cooper Emmons from the Injective Labs joined the AMA with KudasaiJP, the largest crypto community in Japan.  
  • Due to the unprecedented high demand and sign-ups, the Injective and Google Cloud Hackathon has extended it submission until December 21st. Developers across Ethereum, Cosmos and Solana can easily build on Injective thanks to inEVM & inSVM. Sign up here
  • A guide for developers who want to build a DEX on Injective but don’t know where to start. 
  • An infographic by INJ Hub on the vibrant NFT landscape on Injective
  • A thread to explain what is inEVM and how inEVM benefits developers, users and community 
  • An infographic by Coin98 on Injective ecosystem with dApps, validators, and partners working together to create the largest and fastest-growing Web3 financial ecosystem
  • An infographic by Injective that shows Injective has 300X lower gas fees than Ethereum 
  • An interview hosted by DeFi By Design with Injective Labs CEO Eric Chen, discussing the app-specific chains vs general apps scenario, plus L1 Cosmos app chains and rollups.
  • Twitter Spaces hosted by DoraHacks with Eclipse and Caldera to discuss building across a multi VM layer
  • Twitter Spaces with Pyth Network to discuss how Pyth Network brings the best data to the fastest blockchain for DeFi
  • An Injective cheat sheet for newcomers created by Iryna from Injective validator Everstake
  • Twitter Spaces with Dagora to dive deep into exciting developments in Injective's NFT Fi ecosystem
  • Pyth Network announced airdrop for its PYTH token to Injective’s ecosystem dApp users such as Helix.

🥳 Keep track of future updates on the Injective Discord, Twitter and Telegram.

About Injective

Injective is a lightning fast interoperable layer one blockchain optimized for building the premier Web3 finance applications. Injective provides developers with powerful plug-and-play modules for creating unmatched dApps. INJ is the native asset that powers Injective and its rapidly growing ecosystem. Injective is incubated by Binance and is backed by prominent investors such as Jump Crypto, Pantera and Mark Cuban.

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