The June Community Update: Mito Early Access, NFTs on Injective, and Open Liquidity Program Launch!

The June Community Update: Mito Early Access, NFTs on Injective, and Open Liquidity Program Launch!
The June Community Update: Mito Early Access, NFTs on Injective, and Open Liquidity Program Launch!

Injective has experienced remarkable growth in terms of community members, on-chain activities, and the emergence of new ecosystem projects throughout the month of June. We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to a vibrant group of forward-thinking creators and the exciting new ventures set to debut on the fastest layer-1 platform.

Throughout this eventful month, Injective has achieved notable milestones, including a successful NFT launch that garnered significant attention, the remarkable achievement of reaching a $10 billion trading volume milestone with Helix, the introduction of the new Open Liquidity Program, and the highly anticipated early access launch of Mito.

With these groundbreaking developments, Injective continues to push the boundaries of innovation within the realms of DeFi and NFTs.

For a recap of June, check out this highlight reel 👇

Highlighted News

Mito Early Access Launch

After much anticipation, Injective Labs has officially revealed Mito, formerly referred to as "Project X," and initiated closed testnet access for the platform.

Mito encompasses two key components: automated strategy vaults for effortless yield generation and a sophisticated token launchpad. Through this innovative platform, users gain access to a wide array of trading strategies to generate yield while exploring new tokens within the realm of cryptocurrencies.

A select group of community members will have the privilege of utilizing the Mito testnet, enabling them to automate their trades and unlock their earnings. Initially, access to Mito will be exclusively granted to Ninja Pass holders, who can connect their wallets to As the testnet progresses, the esteemed Early Access Discord role will provide whitelist privileges to holders, granting them upcoming entry Mito.

Community members can apply through Galxe to receive an Early Access Discord role.

Talis: Bringing NFTs to Injective

The first NFT marketplace, Talis, has now launched on Injective. To commemorate this significant milestone, Talis and Injective joined forces to introduce the Zen NFT collection, featuring an impressive total of 147,000 NFTs minted in three distinct phases. This development marks a thrilling new chapter for Injective, positioning it as one of the foremost layer-1 networks capable of accommodating NFT assets alongside leading DeFi protocols.

Injective is eagerly welcoming a new wave of NFT creators, with numerous captivating NFT collections already being unveiled on Talis, and many more in the pipeline.

To explore the current collections, please visit

Open Liquidity Program Launch

The new Open Liquidity Program (OLP) launched on Injective, revolutionizing the Injective ecosystem by providing unparalleled liquidity and capital efficiency in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi). With just a few clicks, individuals from all walks of life can now earn on-chain rewards effortlessly.

The OLP offers its members the unique opportunity to contribute liquidity on Injective's cutting-edge on-chain orderbook infrastructure in a permissionless manner, unlocking the potential to earn valuable INJ rewards. Beginning June 13, 2023, eligible participants have the chance to earn up to 60,000 INJ during each epoch (28-day period)

To join the program:

Delphi Labs Cosmos Hackathon Winners

In addition to the highly successful Injective Global Hackathon that concluded in May, Injective co-hosted Delphi Lab’s Cosmos Hackathon. This remarkable event brought together more than 250 talented builders from across the globe, all eager to showcase their creativity and expertise in the field.

Out of a total of 60 impressive submissions, the Injective ecosystem proudly recognized and celebrated the top three winning teams:

To dive into these inspiring projects, please read here for more information.

Injective Ecosystem Updates

Helix: $10B Cumulative Trading Volume & MATIC Listing

In June, Helix achieved yet another remarkable milestone, surpassing an impressive $10 billion in cumulative trading volume, solidifying its position as a top 10 decentralized exchange (DEX). To commemorate this momentous achievement and express gratitude to the supportive community, Helix launched two exciting campaigns.

The first campaign, the Ninja Pass giveaway, presents an exclusive opportunity for holders to gain access to Injective ecosystem dApps, offering them unique privileges within the ecosystem. Additionally, the Helix Supporter badge on Galxe has been introduced as an exclusive recognition for loyal community members, providing them with an esteemed status and exclusive benefits.

Furthermore, Helix expanded its offerings by listing the Polygon (MATIC) spot market, offering one of the earliest use cases for Polygon assets on the Injective platform.

Helpful Resources:

  • Trade on Helix: Link
  • Trading guide: Link
  • Deposit assets with fiat currencies: Kado & Transak
  • Deposit assets via Injective Bridge: Link

Elixir: Integrate Injective’s Open Liquidity Program to Power Widespread Participation

Emerging as the esteemed Community Award Winner in the Injective hackathon, Elixir represents a cutting-edge market-making and yield generation protocol. Its primary function is to strategically deploy liquidity on the order book, empowering projects to incentivize liquidity on their centralized exchange pairs through the utilization of LP tokens.

In an exciting development following the introduction of Injective's Open Liquidity Program (OLP), Elixir is now seamlessly integrating with Injective's platform. This integration facilitates effortless liquidity provision for users, allowing them to participate in OLP and earn attractive rewards. As a result, users gain access to an additional avenue for generating yield while simultaneously enhancing the depth of liquidity available to those engaging in trading activities on order book DEXs.

Qwerty Mobile Coming to Injective

Qwerty Exchange, one of the DEXs built on Injective, is preparing for the mobile application release with an open beta test soon. The application will serve as an addition to the web page at first, with plans to make the mobile app the primary channel in the future.

Injective Chain Updates

Integrations with Injective

In June, Injective continued to broaden its reach with multiple partnerships, achieving higher levels of interoperability and reaching mass adoption.

  • Nois is bringing on-chain randomness to Injective builders to allow fair selection processes for DeFi protocols, NFT mints, lotteries, airdrops, and more.
  • Injective AI search is available powered by Open AI stack on Gitbook. Developers can search here to ask and find relevant information rapidly when building on Injective.
  • Pulsar integrated with Injective to allow users to track native assets like INJ alongside dApps built on Injective on an all-in-one interface to manage your portfolio.
  • NowNodes, a free API nodes provider that has access to 70+ blockchains, is integrating Injective for developers to easily build on Injective.

June Injective Stats

  • Injective processed over 243 million on-chain transactions.
  • Injective produced over 37 million blocks on mainnet.
  • A total of 16,792 INJ was burned through weekly burn auctions in June, and a total of 5.70 million INJ has been burned to date with over 100 times of burns.
  • All exchange dApps built on Injective have achieved a cumulative trading volume of $10.3 billion since mainnet.
  • The TVL (Total Value Locked) on Injective Chain reached over $495 million.
  • The INJ staking APR on Injective is 15.31%, with over 39 million INJ staked.
  • Injective has become the fastest blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem, with 0.9 block time on mainnet and 25,000 TPS.
  • The total gas fees paid by users on Injective to date is zero.
  • Injective hit over 300K followers on Twitter and 100K members in Discord.

Injective Community Updates

Ninja Ambassadors Update

The Injective community continues to grow stronger, with 113K Ninjas, 1.39K Warriors and 200 Knights a part of the community to date! To anyone new here, becoming part of the Injective Ninja Ambassador Program is one of the best ways to stay updated on the latest news by joining the fastest growing community shaping the future of Web3 finance.

As a Ninja, you can also get the most updated launches and rewards by joining and participating in campaigns on the following platforms:

  • Claim NFTs on Galxe for exclusive entries
  • Get your own unique Discord roles on Guild
  • Earn as much XP as you can on Zealy

Events & Twitter Spaces

The Injective Labs team hosted and joined a few community events during the month of June to discuss the latest contributions to Injective, speak to ecosystem partners and provide commentary on the current industry.

Here is a roundup of the events from June:

Buzzworthy Community News

  • New languages support added to the Injective website, including Indonesian, Arabic and Japanese.
  • An infographic about Injective May recap by Cosmos Allday
  • An infographic on Injective hackathon winners breakdown by Cosmos Allday
  • A weekly Injective statistic dashboard by Iryna from Everstake
  • A thread on why you should keep an eye on Injective ecosystem by Leap wallet
  • Bitget is supporting the Injective mainnet and INJ staking on its platform
  • A deep dive thread on Injectives’ brand new Open Liquidity Program and how it revolutionizes the world of DeFi by Injective validator Stakely
  • A broadcast video about Injective ecosystem news by Cosmic Validator

🥳 Keep track of future updates on the Injective Discord, Twitter and Telegram.

About Injective

Injective is a lightning fast interoperable layer one blockchain optimized for building the premier Web3 finance applications. Injective provides developers with powerful plug-and-play modules for creating unmatched dApps. INJ is the native asset that powers Injective and its rapidly growing ecosystem. Injective is incubated by Binance and is backed by prominent investors such as Jump Crypto, Pantera and Mark Cuban.

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