September Update: Major Product launches with Helix and “Project X”!

September Update: Major Product launches with Helix and “Project X”!
September Update: Major Product launches with Helix and “Project X”!

September was a massive month for the Injective community, with two major product announcements from the Injective Labs team.

Helix launched with new features for both novice and experienced traders, and the long-anticipated tease of “Project X” was unveiled at Cosmoverse 2022.

With the showcase of pioneering technology and products, Injective is continuing to prove to the larger community that it is building the best ecosystem for DeFi.

For a recap of September, check out this highlight reel 👇

1. “Project X” Debut at Cosmoverse 2022

Eric Chen presenting a keynote at Cosmoverse 2022

On September 26, Injective Labs co-founder and CEO Eric Chen delivered a keynote speech during the annual Cosmoverse conference, which took place at Medellín, Colombia this year. The presentation not only addressed Injective’s history in creating a sector specific chain for DeFi, but also introduced Project X, which will bring AMMs with 0 impermanent loss, strategy vaults for market making & passive yield generation, and a one click launchpad to release new tokens (100X cheaper and 10X more capital efficient).

For those of you who haven’t watched it yet, view the full keynote here.

2. Project X Wins Most Promising Launch Award

Eric on stage accepting "Most Promising Launch" award at Cosmoverse

The week culminated with the Cosmoverse Awards, where “Project X” won the Most Promising Launch award!

This was only one of only four official categories within the awards ceremony, signaling a community-wide consensus for the excitement and anticipation of the full release of “Project X”.

This is just the beginning of the Injective rise and prominence, with only more to come.

3. Furthering Injective’s Presence within Cosmos

Eric chatting with Cosmos YouTuber, Liam
Eric chatting with Injective validator, Danku

Cosmoverse also furthered Injective’s presence within the larger Cosmos community, as Injective connected with influencers and ambassadors within its ecosystem.

Eric discussed Injective’s leading work in bringing the first on-chain orderbook, binary options and many more DeFi primitives into the Cosmos ecosystem. He also delved into Injective’s focus on interoperability and the upcoming integration with Wormhole to bring Solana assets into the interchain universe for the first time. Of course, he also touched on the upcoming “Project X” release too. Some of the major interviews were with Cosmos Youtuber Liam along and Injective validator Danku.

Full interviews will be uploaded shortly to Injective’s YouTube channel so stay tuned.

4. Injective strengthens its work with Institutions Messari Mainnet 2022

Eric on stage at Messari Mainnet

The Injective Labs team also attended Messari Mainnet to connect more with leading institutions and partner projects.

After the raise from Jump Crypto and Brevan Howard, Injective is now undoubtedly cemented as the primary institutional gateway into the broader Cosmos ecosystem.

Eric also gave a major presentation during “The Cosmos Approach to App-chains” panel discussion on September 22. Sitting alongside other key projects in an IBC-powered world, the panel provided insights on the power of building within the interchain community and how applications can become highly scalable with specialized blockchains.

To watch the full video, click here.

5. Helix, the Premier Decentralized Exchange, Launches on Injective

Earlier this month, Helix, previously known as “Injective Pro”, launched with new features to create avenues for mass adoption.

Helix introduced a diverse array of new upgrades and advanced trading enhancements such as on-chain advanced conditional orders (stop-loss, take-profit, etc). In addition, Helix released an intuitive convert interface that can allow new users to trade on a fully on-chain order book in just one click.

The new app will bring zero gas fees, best-in-class security, lightning fast speeds, cross-chain assets and market leading rebates. These features coupled with a number of major optimizations help to make Helix the optimal gateway to bring crypto trading to the masses.

To learn how to place conditional orders, click here.

To start trading on Helix, click here.

6. Helix Launches the First Ever ETH Merge Expiry Futures

To celebrate the long awaited Ethereum Merge, which represents the shift of the Ethereum network from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain, Helix listed the first ever ETH Merge Futures one week before this milestone event.

ETH Merge Futures allowed traders to place bids on the future price of ETH. The listing also showcased Helix’s ability to support both perpetuals and expiry futures alike in an entirely on-chain trading environment.

7. Injective Supports Interchain Accounts (ICAs)

Injective now supports Interchain Accounts (ICAs), bringing greater interoperability and composability to the Cosmos ecosystem. With ICAs blockchains can control accounts on separate chains, allowing Injective to execute actions on other IBC-enabled chains & vice versa.

8. Advanced Market Making Bot is Live

The Advanced Market Making Bot for Injective exchange dApps is now live. It consists of a robust template created by leading quants that you can customize to create sophisticated market making strategies that can fit any market parameter.

Click here to start trading & earning effortlessly.

9. Leap Integrates With Injective dApps

Users can now connect their Leap wallet across major Injective dApps, such as Helix, sign transactions and interact with dApps with 100% ownership. This was made possible by Leap integrating the Injective mainnet last month.

10. Ecosystem Addition: Injective Punks

Injective Punks aims to become the first original Injective NFT collection, with the goal of building a no-code NFT launchpad and NFT marketplace, as the roadmap above stated.

The team is contributing to the open source repository called NFT contracts on CosmWasm, and is working on creating an NFT standard for the CosmWasm ecosystem.

11. Injective in the News

Injective was featured in a number of major news outlets this month.

12. Tweet of the Month

13. Buzzworthy News in the Injective Community

  • Injective has processed over 100 million transactions.
  • Nearly 600,000 INJ has been burned through weekly auctions.
  • Injective was ranked first among IBC projects by developer activity
  • The New HARBOR token airdrop is comingfor INJ stakers, announced by Comdex co-founder Siddarth Patil.
  • Injective released a new set of merch, including stylish sweaters and travel adapters.
  • Wormhole will be hosting xHack hackathon with Injective and other leading L1 blockchains such as Aptos
  • Helix launched a Cosmoverse trip giveaway campaign to celebrate the product launch.
  • Helix collaborated with Math Wallet on an NFT giveaway.

14. Injective: Watch, Read or Listen

Here’s a list of content by Injective’s partners and community that is worth checking out:

Injective Labs CEO Eric Chen brings his own content on many perspectives, including:

  • A keynote presentation at Cosmoverse conference (starting from 3:56:00)
  • An interview with BNB Chain about how to integrate BNB Chain with Injective
  • An insight on what the Ethereum Merge will bring next featured on TechCrunch
  • An exclusive interview on founder’s story with Chinese media ChainCatcher

🥳 Keep track of future updates on the Injective Discord, Twitter and Telegram.

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