Injective Public API Launch

Injective Public API Launch
Injective API release
Injective Public API Launch
Injective API release

The Injective Public API has now been released!

With the new Injective API, institutions, professional liquidity providers, algorithmic traders, and individuals alike can permissionlessly run all components of the backend infrastructure. In turn, this enables anyone to obtain market data and place trades on the entirely decentralized Injective orderbook.

The API was created after a great deal of discussion with industry leading market makers and institutions to ensure that their every need was met when they wanted to integrate with the Injective Chain. As a result, the API went through multiple iterations over the past few months as multi-language support and advanced customizations were added.

With Injective’s API node architecture design, every individual can trustlessly and permissionlessly engage in decentralized exchange without facing any centralized chokepoints or restrictions. While architecting the system in this way was no easy feat, the Injective Labs team believes it is crucial to ensure that there are no information barriers to access high quality market data. Too often have traders suffer from exchanges becoming rendered unusable during periods of high load and volatility — precisely when having the ability to trade matters the most. On Injective, stability, security and usability for traders is prioritized over all else.

Note: Towards the end of this article you will find a list of helpful links to get started and official Injective API support channels.

How to Use the Injective API

Here you will find a quick walkthrough and useful documents you need to get started.

Injective API Docs:

The API docs also provide practical API examples with real use cases.


  1. Setup a MetaMask Wallet. If you need help setting up a MetaMask Wallet please use the guide here.
  2. Fund your account with USDT by following this walkthrough.
  3. In order to trade on the exchange, users must transfer balances from the account to a sub-account. You can find your sub-accounts with this request.

Users can easily switch from the testnet and mainnet network with the click of a button. By having this flexibility, users can set up their network and switch to the mainnet at the end of the process to minimize any form of setup risk.

Note: Injective uses the EIP712 standard to sign transactions, thus users can see the JSON raw data before they sign the transaction which improves usability and security.

Injective API: SDKs and Multi-Language Support

The Injective API was created to ensure maximum utility while providing an efficient gateway to the Injective Chain for all users.

The Injective API supports both the REST API and the gRPC API. The REST API standard is widely used and understood by most developers. The gRPC API enables anyone to stream data continuously with no need to make multiple API calls which saves both time and effort.

In order to fit the needs of all user preferences, two distinct SDKs have been created for the Injective API: SDK-Python, SDK-Go and SDK-Typescript. API traders can also use Typescript to interact with the protocol. Python is one of the most popular development languages today and is used by traders from all backgrounds. Go is a multi-purpose language that is rapidly growing in popularity since being first introduced by the team at Google. Finally, TypeScript is used by a number of DeFi enthusiasts and developers.

A number of other languages will continue to be added over time. By having the SDK available in multiple languages, the Injective API is now available for all forms of developers from around the world.

Additional Resources and Support

Here you will find the necessary docs and API support channels.

Injective API Support Discord Channel:

Injective API Telegram Group:

Injective API Documents:

Injective Chain Documents:




Practical demo code for both Python3 and Go: GitHub Link

Typescript example code: GitHub Link

Please feel free to provide any feedback that will help to improve the Injective API further. If you need further assistance, a dedicated Discord channel has been set up for the Injective API on the official Injective Discord Server, where you can receive 24/7 support. Please join the Discord API channel here.

About Injective

Injective is a lightning fast interoperable layer one blockchain optimized for building the premier Web3 finance applications. Injective provides developers with powerful plug-and-play modules for creating unmatched dApps. INJ is the native asset that powers Injective and its rapidly growing ecosystem. Injective is incubated by Binance and is backed by prominent investors such as Jump Crypto, Pantera and Mark Cuban.

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