Injective July Conference Recap: A Month of Empowering Innovations

Injective July Conference Recap: A Month of Empowering Innovations
Injective July Conference Recap: A Month of Empowering Innovations

In July, the Injective Labs team embarked on a month-long journey to participate in numerous conferences in Europe. Their primary goals were to engage with the community, share insights with builders, and strengthen ties with industry partners.

Injective Labs’ CTO, Albert Chon, was also invited to speak at several events throughout this month. During these engagements, he shared the vision and progress of Injective, as well as exciting updates on the rapidly growing Injective Ecosystem.

AwesomWasm - July 12-13 - Berlin

Injective Labs made a significant presence at AwesomWasm by setting up a booth, enabling direct interactions with participants. The event brought together devoted members of the Injective community and helped to communicate the importance of CosmWasm, Injective’s smart contracting layer.

This allowed Injective Labs to establish valuable connections with developers looking to collaborate or launch unique dApps on Injective. The event proved to be a fruitful platform for networking and furthering Injective’s ecosystem expansion.

Injective Labs team at the conference venue

During the event, Jenna Peterson, CEO of the Open DeFi Foundation, joined speakers from Finschia and HashKey Capital to discuss funding opportunities while in a bear market. Jenna highlighted that projects with a strong focus on building can still find substantial support in a bear market. Avenues like participating in hackathons, such as the Injective Global Virtual Hackathon, or exploring options through Injective's Ecosystem Venture Group, provide readily available funding for those committed to making progress and bringing their visions to life.

Jenna Peterson, CEO of the Open DeFi Foundation, on stage at AwesomWasm

In addition, Injective Labs successfully hosted the first Injective Cosmos Meetup event in Berlin. Attendees were able to connect directly with the Injective Labs Dev Team, gaining invaluable insights and knowledge. The event served as a platform to witness the vibrant building environment within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Injective Cosmos Meetup in Berlin

ETHCC - July 17-20 - Paris

Directly after AwesomWasm, the team attended ETHCC in Paris. During the conference, Albert joined a panel during Binance Labs‘ Incubation Event, where he shared his own experience with Binance Labs’ Incubation Program. Albert’s talk resonated with the developer community, given his unique perspective as a participant in the Incubation Program and as a co-founder of a growing blockchain company.

Albert Chon, co-founder and CTO of Injective Labs, on stage at ETHCC

The event proved to be a valuable opportunity for the Injective Labs team to strengthen their connections with the Ethereum builders in Paris.

Injective in Paris

Modular Summit - July 21-22 - Paris

The Injective Labs team continued to meet with partners and builders in Paris during the Modular Summit. It was during this conference that the team sat down with Vitalik Buterin for an in-person brainstorming session to explore new and innovative solutions within the blockchain industry.

During this event, Albert also joined a panel where he shared his insights on sector-specific blockchain evolution, liquidity solutions, and how to build Injective applications.

Watch the full panel:

Nebular Summit - July 23-25 Paris

The following week, Albert gave a technical keynote at Nebular Summit to discuss Injective's architecture upgrades, novel rollup designs, and atomic composability.

Injective Labs CTO Albert presenting at the Nebular Summit

Albert gave a detailed, technical overview on the unique infrastructures and opportunities that Injective brings to the developer community, which ultimately offers a powerful foundation for crafting more intricate DeFi applications.

As a follow up, Albert also participated in the AppChain and Rollup panel to highlight how Injective’s benefits and its foundation can allow for rollups to flourish. Speaking alongside Neel from Eclipse and Harlem from Polymer, the panel discussed how the evolution of AppChains and developments of rollups enhance the building process and solve some of the challenges developers are facing today.

What’s Next

As members of the Injective Labs team conclude their month-long travel for conferences in Europe, they leave more inspired, connected and full of ideas for how to better contribute to Injective’s chain and ecosystem. Meeting with multiple partners, projects and community members throughout the month, however, made one thing clear: Injective’s presence is highly known and felt, globally.

The conferences helped to share Injective’s mission and bring more contributors to the ecosystem, and it was a fruitful month for those who were able to represent in Europe for the ecosystem.

Next stop: Asia.

About Injective

Injective is a lightning fast interoperable layer one blockchain optimized for building the premier Web3 finance applications. Injective provides developers with powerful plug-and-play modules for creating unmatched dApps. INJ is the native asset that powers Injective and its rapidly growing ecosystem. Injective is incubated by Binance and is backed by prominent investors such as Jump Crypto, Pantera and Mark Cuban.

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