Coin98 Integrates Injective to Bring Millions of Users into a New World of Interconnected Finance

Coin98 Integrates Injective to Bring Millions of Users into a New World of Interconnected Finance
Coin98 Integrates the Injective layer one
Coin98 Integrates Injective to Bring Millions of Users into a New World of Interconnected Finance
Coin98 Integrates the Injective layer one

The Coin98 Super App has integrated the Injective layer one blockchain to bring forth a new age of interconnected finance. Anyone now can access novel dApps built on Injective entirely via the Coin98 wallet app or browser extension. This means prominent DeFi applications such as Helix can be accessed directly from Coin98, enabling millions of new users to access the Injective ecosystem.

What is the Coin98 Super App?

Coin98 is the leading wallet application designed to seamlessly connect users to the crypto world safely and securely. It allows users to have a vibrant multichain experience, providing the ability to access dApps at the click of a button.

Coin98 is one of the most popular wallets ever created with over 6,000,000 downloads to date. Coin98 prioritizes integrating leading blockchains such as Injective to provide unfettered access to the premier dApps.

What Value Does the Coin98 Super App Integration Bring to Injective?

Injective is a lightning-fast PoS blockchain, capable of processing transactions with instant finality for near-zero fees. Injective is also the first blockchain to be entirely MEV resistant while uniquely providing a set of Web3 modules such as an on-chain orderbook, derivatives, and binary options. Developers can utilize these modules in a plug-and-play manner in order to create novel dApps. For instance, a project building a predictions market dApp can combine the orderbook, oracle and binary options modules in order to rapidly go to market with a sophisticated product that would otherwise have taken years to build.

“Traditionally, decentralized finance has always been a key pillar of Web3, but the sector is riddled with pressing issues with respect to liquidity, latency, and usability. This, in turn, led us to discover Injective, a blockchain infrastructure optimized for decentralized finance. Coin98 hopes to empower users with unprecedented opportunities in the decentralized finance markets,” said founder of Coin98 Finance, Thanh Le.

Following the integration, 6,000,000+ new users can create their own Injective wallet while exploring 100+ projects in the Injective ecosystem through the Coin98 dApp Browser in the near future. Users, for instance, can soon trade spot or perpetual markets on premier exchange dApps built on Injective such as Dexterium directly through the Coin98 app. In addition, users can place bets on sporting events via prediction markets dApps built on Injective.

“Coin98 is a tremendously valuable wallet application that has helped to onboard millions of new users into Web3. The integration with Injective will unlock a world of new opportunities while providing users with seamless access to next-generation dApps built on Injective,” said Injective Labs co-founder and CEO, Eric Chen.

As Injective continues to grow its developer ecosystem, the Coin98 integration will create new avenues for developers to onboard mainstream users into the world of DeFi while providing a seamless experience for all.

Get Started Today

Follow the instructions here to add Injective to your very own Coin98 wallet.

How can I create an Injective wallet with Coin98?

  • Install or update the Coin98 Super App to the latest version:
  • iOS:
  • Android:
  • Create a Multi-Chain Wallet on the Coin98 Super App, which allows you to easily manage and access all single-blockchain wallets with only one Passphrase.

If you are already a Coin98 user, please choose to Manage in the WALLETS section. Next, choose Active Blockchains, and finally activate Injective.

Steps for adding Injective to your Coin98 Wallet

To complete the process, you should refresh your multi-chain wallets to get access to the updated Injective wallet. You can also follow the instructions in the video here to learn how to do so.

About Injective

Injective is a lightning fast interoperable layer one blockchain optimized for building the premier Web3 finance applications. Injective provides developers with powerful plug-and-play modules for creating unmatched dApps. INJ is the native asset that powers Injective and its rapidly growing ecosystem. Injective is incubated by Binance and is backed by prominent investors such as Jump Crypto, Pantera and Mark Cuban.

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About Coin98 Super App

Coin98 is the #1 crypto super app designed to seamlessly connect a billion users to the crypto world safely and securely.

We offer users across the globe a comprehensive and trusted ecosystem of essential services, including but not limited to a non-custodial, multi-chain NFT & cryptocurrency wallet, built-in DEXs, Cross-chain Bridge & DApp Browser, a powerful Terminal, attractive Earn, Gift & Campaign, and Others.

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