Twitter threads are annoying! Re: Trading Guilds

Twitter threads are annoying! Re: Trading Guilds
Twitter threads are annoying! Re: Trading Guilds

Fellow nINJas,

There have been a lot of exciting new updates over the past few weeks, both for the Injective community and for the broader blockchain community as a whole.

Injective recently announced two new integrations and enablements, one with Keplr and one with Evmos. Injective also announced a major partnership with Wormhole, a platform that will help Injective further bring cross-chain interoperability to the entire crypto ecosystem. We look forward to welcoming millions of new users and community members by connecting with these ecosystems for the first time.

The goal of these new integrations and partnerships is to create a robust network built for DeFi, which will position Injective as the financial hub in which billions of assets from all ecosystems meet. Developers can leverage Injective to focus on building advanced applications and systems that truly democratize finance for the masses.

This belief in democratization through decentralization is not only driving decisions on which new implementations to engage in, but also driving decisions on how to construct the larger Injective ecosystem.

However, Injective Labs is not alone in this journey.

One of the things I started focusing on more over the past month is talking to as many developers and ecosystem projects as possible to understand how they can find success in the community as they push forth this vision. I’ve realized that sometimes our adrenaline and Red Bull-fueled developments took the spotlight away from the countless developers working tirelessly to support and contribute to the Injective ecosystem.

I know there’s no better time to bring them into the spotlight. At the end of the day, 100 teams can foster adoption much more exponentially than just 1 team.

To enable a growth-focused environment targeting the next million users, we have decided to organize a community-led consortium and open source the exciting work we’ve done around Trading Guilds.

What this means is that Trading Guilds will no longer be owned by Injective Labs, but the full product repositories (both front and backend) are open for collaboration on the Injective GitHub. As a result, any developer and builder can take advantage of the work that has already been done to create their own version of the product while having the ability to expand upon it. Builders can also use specific components of the code to create or update their current product.

I have personally spent a great deal of time developing Trading Guilds and I can get quite protective over my creations. However, like the name suggests, Trading Guilds and the underlying primitives will never reach their full potential without making this a community-led effort with some of the best partners in the ecosystem. We are working with a multitude of partners (day one supporters, unsung developers, institutional partners, influencers, etc.) and helping them utilize the work done to ensure that the technology behind Trading Guilds can lead to unique product offerings not previously possible within crypto. But additionally, the code is open to anyone beyond the consortium as well.

The term “open source” is not new to the crypto community. Openly allowing access to tech repositories and providing a full, unrestricted view of how products are built is what sets crypto apart from other industries. With Trading Guilds, however, we are implementing the truest form of open-sourcing by open-collaborating with a multitude of partners and projects to bring Trading Guilds, and the best version of Trading Guilds, to life.

As Injective continues to onboard new developers and field requests from the recent Terra support proposal, I am excited to see the projects and creativity that will thrive throughout this new process.

By open-sourcing Trading Guilds, we will lead to the creation of a primitive that’s built for nINJas, by nINJas.

-Eric Chen

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